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Sustainability Certification & ESG Reporting

Our satellite based crop mapping and monitoring forms a reliable basis for measuring and monitoring Sustainability KPIs at large scale. Our automated services comprise

  • the measurement of environmental sustainability KPIs

  • the identification of compliance violations against sustainability regulations

  • checking all field locations against Key Biodiversity Areas / other protected areas

  • field-level-checking of Good Agricultural Practices

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Production Monitoring

Our production monitor for field crops gives a day to day update of the in-field crop production. It is especially useful for contract farming or concession areas. It is a ready to use solution for the food and non-food industry. You will get an accurate analysis of

  • crop status and crop performance

  • harvest activities

  • anomalies ...

Cracked ground caused by drought

Regional Drought Monitoring

Droughts are more and more posing a systematic risk to agricultural production and the sustainable use of water resources. We have developed a regional crop performance service to increase transparency on drought-affected areas by

  • localizing droughts and vegetation stress

  • identifying drought-vulnerable irrigation areas

Our Solutions & Applications

The ag|knowledge API allows to build flexible solutions for the agro-industry. 

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 Real Time Crop Monitoring

Monitor crop development and compare fields and seasons

Big Data Analytics & ML

Assess plant growth and yields better


Easy Integration in IT systems

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ag|knowledge is a service for mobile and web applications allowing easy access and integration of satellite remote sensing data into your agricultural application. The API provides access to field monitoring products for registered parcels. The data for each parcel will be immediately updated as soon as new measurements are available. 

ag | knowledge  – for you to take the right decision.  

Farm Management & Portfolio Analysis

  • Crop performance

  • Anomaly detection

  • Crop inventory

Subsidies Management

Supporting governmental controls (e.g. IACS systems) in realtime using AI and other techniques.

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Smallholder Support

Enabling support for smallholders by creating transparency.

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 Image source: Copernicus Sentinel data 2019

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 Image source: Copernicus Sentinel data 2019