Analytical Functions 

 What information can be extracted from EO data?

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 Outlier detection

Outlier and anomaly detection provides information whether a crop field is deviating from the norm due to different practices, climatic conditions, pests, delayed sowing or drought.


 Crop verification 

We have integrated machine learning algorithms to identify planted crops for subsidies controls and IAC Systems.

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 Crop classification

We provide smallholder support by creating transparency of the land through crop and land use classification based on machine learning and EO data analysis.

Finance & insurance applications

In the finance and insurance sector up-to-date satellite informations are a valuable source of independent monitoring data. They can be used to document activities and evaluate cropland.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps can be used for crop scouting or crop health analysis in the field.

Due to our efficient system the data amounts transferred to a mobile device are small and even in areas with limited bandwith are still performing well.

And your application?

Contact us to find out how your application could be enhanced with up-to-date satellite information!